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We look forward to seeing you again next year!


Rachael Feigenbaum posted Thank you

Thank you speakers and attendees for making Re:think 2012 such a success! Attendees will be receiving an email with a link to download general session presentations as well as Key Issue Forums within the next few weeks.

Antonio Wanderley: It was a great event indeed! When shall we expect for the email?
Sheila Murphy Seles: The presentation email will go out next week!

Fri, Apr 13 at 11:55AM (2 comments)

Tue, Mar 27 at 2:31PM (0 comments)

Why are market leaders Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Honda, Anheuser-Busch InBev, and more collectively shifting billions in marketing spending globally? What do they know that you don't? To get answers to these questions and more, make sure to check out my session, The Story of How "Spend to Impact Response Functions (SIRFs), Algorithms, and Software are Changing the Face of Marketing" from 3:00-3:45pm on Monday, March 26, in the Marquis Ballroom, 9th fl... [read more]

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GreenBook invites you to join us for True GRIT on Tuesday, March 27th at Hurley's Saloon in New York. We'll celebrate those rough n' tumblin' outliers, the true innovators of market research, as identified through our 2012 GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) study. There will be an Innovation Open Mic for those interested in participating, as well as the opportunity to connect with other leading industry innovators. For 10 years GRIT has be... [read more]

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I thought I would simply be an attendee at this year's event, but Kevin Lonnie was kind enough to invite me to participate in 2 sessions KL Communications is sponsoring in the Insights Zone. Here is the synopsis: Disruption is coming to Market Research: In Defending our Turf, We Need to Think Opportunities! With the advent of social media, big data and the emerging influence of Google and Facebook, the MR world is rapidly evolving. In fact, it’s ... [read more]

Fri, Mar 23 at 12:38AM (0 comments)

Is MR/Ad industry serious about evaluating unstructured data analysis as one of info streams in making brand/marketing decisions, rather than structured data obtained via Quant/Qual research? But truth be told, almost everyone is at POC/learning stage wrt social media analysis/looking at unstructured data- as everyone takes it as the holy grail (so don't want to be left behind), but no one has their hands fully wrapped around it. Anyone who has i... [read more]

Leonard Murphy: Great points. Check out; these guys have figured it out and are poised to change the game for real. I think the era of big data analytics finally has arrived.

Thu, Mar 22 at 10:57PM (1 comment)

Research Club proudly presents our networking drinks reception on the eve of the ARF convention, join us! Building on the terrific success of last year’s event we decided to hold it again! When? 7:30 – 9:30pm on Sunday, March 25th 2012 Where? Bourbon Street Bar & Grille 346 West 46th Street 
New York 10036 (One Block from the Marriott Marquis) Registration is free for everyone involved in the MR industry, but space is limited! Research Club invit... [read more]

Qureshi Bob: Registration has now closed- we've gone past two hundred!
Manish Jain: Will be there...look forward to the 'dazzling wit' of speakers and that of innocent bystanders too!
Manish Jain: Hey Richard, It will be great to catch up with you too after your TBR days!

Thu, Mar 22 at 5:53PM (11 comments)

Building Communities for Product Innovation As social media has come of age, brands have achieved many different kinds of business objectives by engaging their customers in the channel. This presentation will explore a particular kind of business outcome based on social engagement: innovation of products and services. Join Forrester Analyst, Melissa Parish, and Questback and be sure to bring your appetite! Don’t miss out. Register Today, space is... [read more]

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Be sure to catch a session we recently added! Monday, 10:15 - 10:45. Here's the description: Bob Bahramipour – VP of Business Development, Gigwalk Surveys, in-person focus groups, and product testing fail to capture consumers in their natural flow. Today, mobile research technologies enable brands to understand the perceptions, behaviors, and tastes of shoppers in the wild. Through easy-to-use smartphone apps, researchers can instantly connect to... [read more]

Leonard Murphy: This is a VERY interesting development! The topic may not be earth shattering, but the company doing it is; I was wondering when they'd make a formal foray in market research. traditional suppliers need to be paying attention to this.

Wed, Mar 21 at 6:24PM (1 comment)

Insight Theater 1, Tuesday March 27th at 1030am! You Can’t Google This: 11 Dirty Secrets That Usability Professionals Will Never Tell Marketers Whether you are an expert in usability or just heard about it, this talk covers the basics and then goes beyond them to get to the guts of what real industry insiders know about when and how to best do user experience research. Join us for a fun, fast-paced presentation as Mona reveals eleven secrets that... [read more]

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The Research Club will be hosting an event the evening of March 25, one block from the Marriott Marquis following the ARF Sunday cocktail hour. For event details/registration, visit Interested in presenting? The Research Club’s Ignite is coming! If you had five minutes on stage, what would you talk about? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Would you tell ... [read more]

Sheila Murphy Seles: This was so much fun last year! Thanks for hosting again, Kristin!
Jeff Linenfelser: I'll expect an update Sheila on the "social" issues we discussed at the event last year... LOL!
Leonard Murphy: Totally looking forward to kicking off re:Think with a great time at The Research Club!

Wed, Mar 21 at 10:46AM (3 comments)

Last few places left - for more information and to register your free attendance follow the link - be quick!!

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If Social Media is a hot topic at your company, then you won’t want to miss our presentation on March 27th at 10:30 AM in the Insights Zone. To better isolate and understand the roles of “Paid” (e.g., TV and print advertising), “Owned” (content the brand controls, e.g., brand web page, brand Facebook page), and “Earned” (from customer POV, e.g. Facebook fan posts) media in shaping attitudes towards brands, PhaseOne Communications has conducted a ... [read more]

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The GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report for Spring 2012 is now available! This iteration of the ongoing GRIT initiative shares findings from the data collection phase conducted in December of 2011. Download your copy of the full report here: New for this year, we have also included an interactive dashboard with the complete data set; you can go in and apply filters (including by sample source), run differe... [read more]

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In today’s economy, consumers and employees alike expect more from the brands and companies they engage with, they share more with their friends and families about their experiences, and they switch more – with less loyalty toward specific brands. Welcome to the experience economy, where consumer and employee experiences in the everyday create emotions; and where emotions drive decisions. Join us March 20th at 1PM EST as QuestBack presents, “Enab... [read more]

Leonard Murphy: Sounds like a great session!

Tue, Mar 13 at 10:23PM (1 comment)

Hike up your spurs. Holster your sidearm. Get ready for some true GRIT. GreenBook invites you to join us for True GRIT on Tuesday, March 27th at Hurley's Saloon in New York. We'll celebrate those rough n' tumblin' outliers, the true innovators of market research, as identified through our 2012 GRIT (GreenBook Research Industry Trends) study. There will be an Innovation Open Mic for those interested in participating, as well as the opportunity to ... [read more]

Qureshi Bob: Sounds Great! The research Club team have registered!
Jonathan Wheeler: Reckon I'll just mosey on down with the Research Club posse!
Leonard Murphy: Thanks guys! The more the merrier, and having two opportunities to hang out with the TRC crew in a week is fantastic. This little shindig won't compare to The Research Club, but hopefully it will be a fun time for all involved. Plus, what a great way... [read more]

Tue, Mar 13 at 10:21PM (3 comments)

Japan is recovering swiftly from the devastating earthquake - March 11, 2011. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this disaster. We wish God Speed.

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This question is again about tablets. Answer within +/- 5%. By 2017, 380 million tablets are expected to be in the global market. What percentage of this marketplace will be held by emerging market countries? (answer within +/- 5%) Good luck! Please answer in the comments section below.

Jeff Schamel: can I lobby for a tie? ;)
Leslie Hutchings: You can try! :) Could not have been closer, Jeff. You were both in at 3:02!
Jeff Schamel: just split the kindle down the middle...i'll take the half w/the power button.

Fri, Mar 9 at 3:23PM (12 comments)

Check out the full list of nominees! GfK Next Generation – New Award! Celebrating students’ research achievements Hannah Esser – Chatham University Sarah Cornell – Chatham University Innovation For development of the most innovative research ideas Kevin Clancy – Copernicus Marketing & Research Liz High – SDL Mathias Plank – EyeTrackShop Inc. Stacey Lynn Schulman – HI: Human Insight Judith Ricker – Market Pr... [read more]

Leslie Hutchings: Congrats to all! Looking forward to the 28th!

Fri, Mar 9 at 9:49AM (1 comment)

It took smartphones seven years to reach 40 million users in the U.S. – how many years did it take tablets to reach reach this same level of adoption? Please answer in the comments box below. Good luck

Ashley Gibbs: Great, thanks so much!
Sandip Narang: Two and half years
Jeffrey Lau: It's 1pm equates to 5am where I am! Can't we move it to a bit later? Give a guy a chance?

Fri, Mar 9 at 1:18AM (11 comments)

I'm Erin, the webmaster for the ARF, and in addition to our fabulous new website ( you've found yourself on our Re:think networking site! Use this handy guide to get to know the networking site so you can find and connect with people, track your sessions, and more:

Thu, Mar 8 at 2:29PM (0 comments)

Find out what’s on the minds of industry leaders. Gain their thoughts on the future of research, innovations, trends, and more. Don't miss one-to-one interviews with: David Hobbie Research + Analytics, International ESPN Charles Kennedy SVP Research ABC Television Jennifer Nelson Director, Strategy & Insights Johnson & Johnson Jon Beebe Director, Digital Advertising & Analytics General Motors Hilary Kolman Associate Director, Analytics & Insight ... [read more]

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Download the Re:think 2012 Key Issue Forum Guide on the Program page (you'll see the handy icon in the upper right corner). I also attached it in this discussion post so you can start building your own personal schedule!

Tue, Mar 6 at 12:06PM (0 comments)

After reviewing the great work Global Pulse is doing in using Digital data to tackle worldwide social issues such as unemployment, food costs, and health, I am really looking forward to the Data Philanthropy Can Make a Difference Panel.

Fri, Mar 2 at 11:20AM (0 comments)

Zena M Pagan posted ARF David Ogilvy Awards

Check to see who made the finalist list: Do it now!

Thu, Mar 1 at 2:53PM (0 comments)

Joel Rubinson posted 6 marketing mandates for 2012-2015

I wanted to share with all of you a presentation I prepared on marketing mandates. some will surprise you...not the typical stuff. If anyone wants to meet up, I'll be at the Kantar/Unilever presentation on their listening efforts together as I was the consultant that helped to design this. regards Joel

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The Awards Luncheon will take place Wednesday, March 28, 2012 • Marriott Marquis, NYC The ARF Great Mind Awards recognize and celebrate individuals who contribute to the excellence and advancement of advertising research. Established in 2006, we honor research innovation, rising research stars, outstanding ARF member contributions, lifetime achievement within the industry, and quality in research. Nominate someone: [read more]

Leslie Hutchings: This is such a great part of Re:think - the nominees are always such an interesting group of people!
Sheila Murphy Seles: It's free to nominate someone, too!

Tue, Feb 14 at 11:26AM (2 comments)

Check out this great Multichannel News article on NBC's multi-screen research on the Olympics. Alan Wurtzel, President of NBCU Research will be presenting this research at Re:think on Wednesday, March 28.

Tue, Feb 14 at 11:24AM (0 comments)

Thomas Roth posted Gay & Lesbian Market Research

Is your company (or do you have clients) interested in the gay market? We'd like to meet you! Stop by booth 516. Or come to my learning session on Monday 3/26 at 4:45p in the Insights Zone! Since 1992, Community Marketing has provided a global crossroads of all things LGBT market research and communications. We work direct with corporate clients, and as partners with other research firms. We also produce an annual symposium on the topic, coming t... [read more]

Danielle V Hemsley : Looking forward to your Insight!

Fri, Feb 10 at 3:28PM (1 comment)

With all of the information and resources available on the web, I am sincerely looking forward to how all of this can be mined to create a more strategic communication approach. About: Information on the web and through social media has exploded, challenging current research methods. At the same time, agency and client decision makers are looking for immediate answers and are losing patience. But without relevant research, those same decision mak... [read more]

Thu, Feb 9 at 12:02PM (0 comments)