Didier Truchot

Founder of Ipsos, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group

Didier Truchot is the founder of Ipsos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. He was born in Boulogne, near Paris (France) on November 30th, 1946. Graduated from Sorbonne Paris in economics, he started his career of researcher in 1969 within the IFOP institute in Paris (a well-known market and opinion research company in France), where he met Jean-Marc Lech, his future partner. He established Ipsos in 1975, and he originated a policy of offering standardised research products, in the fields of advertising and media research. In 1982, when Jean-Marc Lech – until then IFOP Chairman and CEO – joined the Company, Ipsos started developing public opinion research. Since then, Didier and Jean-Marc have co-headed Ipsos and the Company added to its portfolio two other specialisations: marketing and customer relationship management research. With offices in 67 countries in Europe, in North and Latin America, in the Middle East and in Asia Pacific, Ipsos ranks fifth among worldwide research groups. Didier is an avid sports fan and he loves watching basketball.