Workshop in Two Parts - Part I: The Golden Path of Strategic Insights

2:00 - 3:45pm on Sunday, March 25 2012 in Wilder, 4th Floor

Workshop in Two Parts - Part I: The Golden Path of Strategic Insights

Marketing research is fragmenting into an increasing number of often isolated "tribal" units within corporations: social media insights go with the media, PR, or marketing department; shopper insights, pricing analytics, and CRM go to sales; consumer research stays with the research department. The implications? Companies are losing the benefit of a holistic, strategic foundation for their consumer knowledge bases and insights capabilities, and too often studies sit on the shelf and are not used to impact key management decisions. Marketing insight is unable to fulfill its role as one of the last great drivers of business performance.

The solution is a strategically grounded model that requires the insights function to integrate closely with the business, and focus on solving key management issues (not just closing data gaps). Results from Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Consumer Insight’s recent benchmarking analyses will be shared to discuss and frame how leading companies are advancing their insights capabilities and driving a more integrated approach to consumer and shopper-led decision making. Please join us for this highly interactive session.

Gabriela Barrios – Project Leader, The Boston Consulting Group
Kate Manfred – Principal, Boston Consulting Group
Bob Woodard – EVP, Advertising Effectiveness, ARF