Keynote Panel - Getting Ahead of Change

8:40 - 9:20am on Monday, March 26 2012 in Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor

Getting Ahead of Change

The general feeling is that much of research industry innovation is being done by startups, not the “big guys” who just “watch and buy up the startups.” Hear first-hand from the heads of the largest research companies why this isn’t true and what their innovation strategies are. They will also discuss how their companies plan to deal with the continuing uncertainty in marketing that has been brought about by technology. What are they doing about mobile? How are they using social media? How are they achieving a holistic metric and even a metric that can be trusted online?

David Calhoun – CEO, Nielsen
Eileen Campbell - Global CEO, Millward Brown
Matthias Hartmann – CEO, GfK
Eric Salama – Chairman and CEO, Kantar
Didier Truchot – Chairman and CEO, Ipsos
Romesh Wadhwani – Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Symphony Technology Group
Robert Bain – Deputy Editor, Research Magazine