Panel - What Touchpoints Should I Buy?

9:35 - 10:15am on Tuesday, March 27 2012 in Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor

What Touchpoints Should I Buy?

Marketers face a paradox today. Increased media fragmentation is driving the importance and mutual benefit of standardization. We often think of media fragmentation in terms of the various outlets through which content is now distributed (channels), but it can also refer to the plethora of ways in which media are bought and sold alongside these distribution channels. In this session, learn about consistent ways of measuring outcomes that facilitates comparability.

Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President, Research + Analytics, ESPN, Inc.
Vanessa Colella – Head of NA Marketing, Managing Director, Citibank
Theresa LaMontagne – Managing Director, Analytics and Insights, MEC
Brad Smallwood – Head of Measurements and Insights, Facebook, Inc.
Adam Lashinsky – Senior Editor at Large, Fortune