Panel - Data Philanthropy Can Make a Difference

9:20 - 9:50am on Wednesday, March 28 2012 in Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor

Data Philanthropy Can Make a Difference

Not only can big data be harnessed for business ROI, but for public good as well. Understanding patterns from shared data sets can help corporations learn more about their consumers’ behavior while also helping to track economic volatility or even population movement within a given country. Hear from key stakeholders in this field—a data supplier, an analytics supplier, and the laboratory that brings this expertise together. What part can your business play?

Christina Engelhardt – Customer Intelligence Specialist, SAS
Enrique Frias-Martinez - Scientific Researcher, Telefonica
Robert Kirkpatrick – Director, UN Global Pulse
Ted McConnell – EVP, Digital, ARF


I love the term Data Philanthropy. Do charitable marketers attract charitable customers?

Thursday, February 9 2012, 2:46pm